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Self Employed Mortgage Advice

By Malcolm Davidson & The Team at Liverpoolmoneyman

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Here we believe that self employed clients can get the short end of the stick when it comes to mortgage deals and without a Mortgage Broker, like us on your side getting approved for a mortgage may prove tricky!

By using a Specialist Self Employed Mortgage Broker like us with a minimum of 1 years accounts it may be possible to get a mortgage!

– ALL Mortgage Situations Considered –

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Self Employed Mortgage Positions:

  • Are you a company owner, director, sole trader or partner and wanting mortgage advice?
  • Have you been to your bank and turned away for one reason or another?
  • Have you got fluctuating net profit?
  • Only been trading for one year?
  • Bank wont lend you enough?
  • Do you get paid a combination of salary and dividends or leave your net profit in your business?
  • Self employed and got an unusual situation?
  • Are you self employed and wanting help getting a mortgage?

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Self Employed Mortgage Advice for:

  1. First Time Buyer Mortgages
  2. Remortgages
  3. Home Mover Mortgages
  4. Let to Buy Mortgages
  5. Buy to Let Mortgages
  6. Right to Buy Mortgages
  7. Help to Buy Mortgages
  8. Specialist Mortgage Types
  9. Self Employed and HAVING PROBLEMS with a Mortgage…?
  10. COMPLICATED SITUATIONS for the Self Employed… ?
 Why it can be hard for the Self Employed to get a mortgage through a bank …?

Almost ALL of the high street mortgage lenders use their in-house credit scoring policies when granting mortgages, these are based on that lenders own experience on previous mortgage repayment statistics and repossession information and individual cases that do not fit this tight criteria are not investigated further. This method will save the bank or building society time and money.  Computer says ‘no’ philosophy.

In the past, it is possible that mortgage lenders have had more cases of arrears with self-employed applicants than employed ones but it is fair to say that employed applicants have to jump through far fewer “hoops” to get approved for a mortgage.

Many high street banks have very strict criteria and must see increasing net profit with a minimum of 3 years accounts or some take an average over 3 years – We usually require minimum 1 year’s accounts from our self-employed customers….

Lending criteria can vary greatly between mortgage lender for self employed mortgages and it is our job to be able to place your mortgage application with the most suitable lender – We aim to be right first time!

How to get an up-to-date credit report for a mortgage application…

We are NOT tied to Estate Agents…

Unlike a lot of other Mortgage Brokers, we are NOT TIED to Estate Agents so we work for ONLY YOU with your interests at heart.

Having problems …. ?

HAVING PROBLEMS and Seeking Self Employed Mortgage Advice? – We may be able to help!

Often, clients who call have had DIFFICULTY one way or another with their bank or other high street mortgage lender. This can be down to many reasons:

  1. Bank won’t lend enough
  2. Failed banks criteria
  3. Credit score
  4. Fluctuating net profit
  5. Pay structure
  6. Personal situation
  7. Read more here

It is important that you DO NOT keep trying lots of other lenders without being 100% sure of their strict lending criteria as this will have a negative impact on your credit score and may well harm your chances of getting a mortgage altogether.

Whether you are the owner of your own limited company, a sole trader, a partner and receive a salary, dividends or a mixture of the two and are looking for my mortgage advice then we will be able to help.

We are able to use our EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGE to place your application with the most suitable mortgage lender based on your personal situation.

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