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Here we look at Debt Consolidation Mortgage Advice. I believe consolidating unsecured credit into your mortgage is a decision that should not be made lightly. This is because you are essentially taking debt which is unsecured and securing it on your home. Then you will end up paying back more interest in the long run. This is because you would typically be paying that money back over a longer period.

However, a debt consolidation remortgage could be the right solution for you if you need to quickly reduce your monthly outgoings. Often, I see scenarios whereby the debts have accumulated. This is sometimes due to home improvements that have been carried out on the property with a view to increasing its value. Other times it’s just that the debt has been outstanding for several years and it can be hard to make inroads.

Many people take out zero % credit cards and take the sensible step of looking for a new card when that benefit runs out. However, it’s not guaranteed that you can always get a transfer. It’s when that happens that customers decide to act and consolidate rather than pay a double-figure interest rate.

What Are the Benefits of Debt Consolidation Mortgage Advice?

A debt consolidation remortgage is not something most people would want to arrange without taking advice. Speaking to a Broker you will benefit from the consumer protection which is in place. As well as this, you will be recommended a suitable mortgage which is tailor-made to your needs. Remember, the Broker works for you, not the Lender. They will ensure you get the right outcome.

The savings some people make are hundreds per month if they are carrying large debts. Some people also prefer having everything within one monthly payment. 
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