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How The January 2021 Lockdown Will Affect The Property & Mortgage Market

From Tuesday 5th January, it was announced that you’ll still be able to purchase or sell a home during the January 2021 lockdown, as well as move home if you need to.

During the most recent Government announcement on 4th January 2021, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that the UK would enter national lockdown 3.0 on 5th January.

Now that we are into the thick of Lockdown 3.0, we can say that it is affecting many sectors in different ways. Some sectors have been treated more generously than others and are still continuing as normal. This lockdown is very similar to the previous November 2020 lockdown, however, the length of this lockdown is going to be around 8 weeks.

In terms of how the property market is performing, it’s safe to say that it’s still standing comfortably on its feet and everything is looking like it’s going to carry on as normal. This great news for the market, as it means that you’ll still be able to attend house viewings and continue your property purchase or sale.

Everything may be up and running as usual, but you should know that there may be some small delays during the process with some businesses. Solicitors and Surveyors are working the hardest that they can under the new restrictions, unfortunately, these changes may affect their speed of service. You have to also consider that the Stamp Duty Cut closing date is approaching, which means that there is already a lot of applicants applying to try and make the most of this deal.

Just because things are taking a little longer than usual doesn’t mean that you should put off your mortgage application, everything that could be completed before the lockdown still can be in the lockdown.

Safety Measures for Home Movers

The most important thing to remember if you are on your Moving Home journey is to stay safe and follow the restrictions that have been put into place. The government’s guidelines consist of things that we have been getting told for months. For example, you will need to sanitise when taking up house viewings and wear your mask etc.

These latest government’s guidelines must be followed to ensure that everything is completed safely. So, if you are planning to/ are Moving Home in Liverpool, stay safe and stick to the rules indicated in the guidelines.

90% Mortgages are Still Available to Buyers

Yes… you read that right, 90% have made a slow comeback to the market. Lenders have started to gain enough confidence in the market to bring them back.

Hopeful applicants are trying to get their hands on these deals as most of them have been saving for their deposit all year. As a Mortgage Broker in Liverpool, we usually find that applicants hold a 5-10% deposit and that’s why it’s such a big deal that these sort of deal have made a return. Early 2020, you didn’t see these deals anywhere, some lenders even lowered to 80% mortgages which is a 20% deposit!

If you still can’t quite reach the 10% deposit minimum, you are in luck as there are other ways to grab yourself a 90% mortgage. It could be within your interests to take advantage of one of the two Help to Buy schemes. If you are a First Time Buyer in Liverpool the Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme or the Help to Buy Shared Ownership scheme could be for you. We have lots of helpful Help to Buy Mortgage Advice on our website if you want to find out more information.

An Extension on Mortgage Payment Holidays

Mortgage Payment Holidays were introduced in the March 2020 lockdown as a way for homeowners to postpone their mortgage payments for a short period. You could only use the scheme for a maximum of 6 months and the closing date was 31st October 2020. In good news, the government have announced that the Mortgage Payment Holiday scheme will be extended to 31st March 2021.

If you have yet to take up your offer for a Mortgage Payment Holiday, you’ll be able to request a full 6 month break from your mortgage payments. We advise that you only take one out if you really need to.

If you’ve already taken a Mortgage Payment Holiday of less than 6 months, you will be able to extend your existing holiday up until the 6 month mark.

Still Here, Still Open

Your Mortgage Broker in Liverpool is still hard at work and operating as normal during this lockdown. We are doing everything that we can to continue as normal so that we can carry on delivering our amazing fast and friendly mortgage advice service. Operating 7 days a week from 7am – 10pm, your Mortgage Broker in Liverpool is here to help.

All customers will still benefit from a free initial mortgage consultation, no matter the situation.

For a brief rundown of the current status of the property and mortgage market, please see our video from company director Malcolm Davidson, recorded the following day.

Liverpoolmoneyman Christmas Message During Covid-19

Have a safe Christmas

We here at Liverpoolmoneyman would like to wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas, and we hope for a prosperous and healthy 2021 for everyone.

The values of properties in the UK have surprisingly held themselves up high during the pandemic. Due to stock shortage, undiminished consumer demand and the Stamp Duty Holiday (which is due to end in March of 2021).

Suppose we have learnt anything about the property market in 2020. In that case, it’s that you’ll never stop a dedicated and hard-working potential First-Time Buyer in Liverpool from pushing through and doing whatever it takes to own their home!

Purchase & Remortgage Predictions

We predict that as we advance into 2021, despite unemployment levels going on the rise, we here at Liverpoolmoneyman fully expect the consumer demand for buying property to continue to be on the rise.

With people spending more and more time at home, it’s only natural that people will inevitably start looking for something bigger, better or with a lovelier garden.

Also, around this time of year, we will see lots of remortgage activity from customers who are happy with their current home but would like to invest in their homes by expanding for some home improvements.

Things are looking up

Interest rates are still relatively low, and off the back of Brexit, the Government will want the property sector to thrive, especially considering that it is one of the “wide multipliers”, e.g. it will uphold lots of jobs.

Once the vaccine is fully out there, and life starts to feel a little normal again. We believe there will be many people who adopt a “life’s too short” approach to their lives, something that should be good for the economy as a whole, especially those with involvement in the property market.

If you need Mortgage Advice in Liverpool or life insurance advice in 2021, please feel free to get in touch. Our dedicated mortgage advisors are available from early until late, seven days a week to provide answers to your questions. Contact us to book your free mortgage consultation.

Company Recognition: Our November 2019 Champions

Celebrating our Mortgage Advice Service in Liverpool

It’s that time of the month again, where we look back and reflect on the achievements of our employees. Showing our appreciation and rewarding them for their dedication to the company cause.

Here are our November 2019 Company Champions in Liverpool

Reviews | Laura Aves

Customer service is at the heart of what we do. If we didn’t have the mindset of “5-Star Service for all”, we wouldn’t be doing a very good job. A regular reviews champion and one of our Mortgage Administrators. Laura, always ensures her customers get the best service she could possibly offer. Laura always keeps them up to date on the phone. She sends email updates regularly, making sure she’s on the ball, and ready for anything.

It’s once again no surprise that she’s received such a high level of reviews from her loving customers. As always we’re incredibly proud of her achievements.

3rd Place | Jason Loft

Jason was nominated for demonstrating a positive and caring attitude towards his customers. When it comes to the 5-Star Service we aim to provide, it doesn’t just stop at Mortgages. We take great pride in providing our protection service, ensuring our customers are fully protected with life cover. Jason often goes above and beyond for his customers. Really going that extra mile to ensure they’re covered just in case something goes wrong.

His caring attitude doesn’t stop with customers though. Jason is a keen helper of the administrators we have here at Liverpoolmoneyman. Our advisors and administrators work hand in hand to get the mortgage process done thoroughly and effectively. Jason understands this and always does his very best to be a team player. Make the administrators’ job a little easier.

2nd Place | Lee Underwood

Recent university graduate and fledging apprentice Lee is a keen worker for Liverpoolmoneyman. Joining Phil & Mikey in the marketing team. Lee has been full of positivity, changing the atmosphere in the office to something even brighter than it already was. This attitude is reflective in his work too; As a keen graphic designer, Lee works hard amongst all departments to ensure documents are up to standard. He helps bring out the best social media content in the mortgage industry. With a big future on the horizon. Lee is sure to make even bigger waves in the company. His work is appreciated by everyone he helps along the way.

1st Place | Thomas Dent

With a hardworking attitude to work. Tom has really become a force to be reckoned with in our customer care team. Fully dedicated to his role, he won’t rest until every customer he’s spoken to is informed. Assured, and feeling positive about their upcoming mortgage. This was evident especially in a recent review we received. In where a customer with a general enquiry gave us 5-Stars, purely based on Tom’s brilliant service.

Much like a lot of the others, Tom is also a keen helper of other teams. Not only does he make sure the customers have appointments, but Tom also does some of the admin work. Assists with the advisors, and even spent an hour helping out the IT team. In a time where they needed an extra hand. Tom is essentially at this point. The “Moneyman Everyman” and we all very much appreciate the hard work he does on a daily basis.

Another Milestone Reached in Liverpool | September 2019

Milestone Celebration | Mortgage Broker in Liverpool

Another month has passed, and another fantastic milestone reached. The fact we have accomplished yet another goal highlights how the companies values are essential when dealing with our customers, these company rules are:

  • Be Responsive
  • Provide a Five Star Service
  • Care for the customers
  • Be Open and Honest
  • Positive Attitude

Here at Liverpoolmoneyman were proud of our work and hope to provide that same level of customer service to every customer.

Our Reviews

An insight into some genuine reviews from our valuable customers.

Excellent service, complete confidence that the product recommended was right for me, kept fully informed at each stage of the process. I would recommend UK Moneyman Ltd to anyone looking for a new mortgage or remortgage service. – Gillian B

Liverpoolmoneyman were fantastic from start to finish. Every interaction I have had with them has been just superb especially from Nathan my mortgage broker. They got me a fantastic deal and held my hand through everything. Buying a home can be so stressful but they made it all so much easier. Can’t thank them enough. – Trusted Customer

I went to Liverpoolmoneyman because I knew getting a mortgage on a stipend income would be difficult. Jonathan talked me through the options available and made the application process quick and easy, going the extra mile to even make himself available on one of his days off! After the application, Laura took over and was brilliant at keeping me up-to-date with how the application was progressing and making sure the offer came through in a timely manner. I would thoroughly recommend as a mortgage broker to anyone looking for help. – Tom Travers

When our team sees their names mentioned, the customers must feel that our Mortgage Advisors in Liverpool generally made a difference. It’s important to us as a company that not only are you able to transact how you would like.

Mortgage Broker in Liverpool

Dewsbury & Dewsbury: Two Generations Working Together in Liverpool

Father and Son | Mortgage Advisor in Liverpool

Earlier this week, we welcome new addition to our new Mortgage Advisor in Liverpool team, Joe Dewsbury.

Joe is the son of our advisor Wayne Dewsbury who has been an advisor for nearly 40 years. You recognise Wayne or spoken to him over the years. Especially if you’ve kept up to date on our social media or booked an appointment through us.

Joe previously had worked at a high street bank for three years. Before deciding to leap to the mortgage advisor world. Tutored by star advisor Matt Collinson, Joe hopes to make quite the impact as a part of our illustrious team.

If Joe turns out like Matt or Wayne. He’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the world of mortgages.

We want to welcome Joe with open arms and look forward to working alongside him. Joe is already fitting in with the company spirit being toured around each department getting to know the team. Then soon getting to know the customers over time.

Mortgage Broker in Liverpool

Employee Recognition Champions August 2019

Our company champions for August, 2019

Every month as a company, we reflect upon each employee’s hard work from the previous month. Rewarding the chosen few who have gone above and beyond in the workplace. Everyone gathers round in a moment of celebration for the selected individuals.

It helps with staff morale in the workplace. It’s also a huge confidence booster to not just those selected, as well as everyone else in the company. It highlights how our hard work gets appreciated by not only our customers. But also to other work colleagues at our Mortgage Brokers in Liverpool

Reviews Champion | Kayleigh Steward

Kayleigh | Mortgage Advisor in Liverpool

Kayleigh encouraging and positive can-do attitude has helped amongst her peers. She has been described by her colleagues as a determined and robust member of our Mortgage Administrator team. To ensure all our customers get their deals finalized.

Kayleigh always stayed on board to ensures her customers can leave a review. It’s these genuine reviews that you can see on our site. That encourages people like you to come to us when you have an enquiry.

3rd Place Annie Hudson | Top Advisor

Annie | Mortgage Advisor in Liverpool

Dedicated to the company. Brilliant and hardworking what else can we say about our champion Mortgage Advisor. With many years of experience, she has achieved her award by receiving fantastic customer feedback.

Annie has also been accepting appointments at an exceedingly quick rate, speaking to customers as soon as she possibly can. From both an internal and external perspective. This is an incredible level of excellent customer service, ensuring people get the answers they need. Not too long after they’ve asked for it.

2nd Place Nathan Moore | 5 Star Service

Nathan | Mortgage Advisor in Liverpool

Also known in the professional workplace as ‘Advising Machine’ and these results prove it. One of our hardest working, longest-serving, and highest achieving Mortgage Advisors.

Like Annie, Nathan has been accepting appointments almost as soon as they come in, even when they’re last-minute customers. Nathan has been known to work during days off. Even after hours if it means ensuring the customer gets the 5-Star Service. We know they deserve while making sure his cases completed promptly and efficiently.

1st Place – Michael Sallabank | Mentor

Michael | Mortgage Advisor in Liverpool

Michael also is known as Mikey, started in early 2018 as an apprentice in the marketing department. Since every working, he’s spent the past year and a half working hard to achieve everything in this path. Just recently Mikey received his certificate for completing his Level 3 apprenticeship in Digital Marketing. Not to mention If there’s an IT-related issue, nine times out of ten Mikey is there to fix it.

Just recently, Mikey has been working even harder over the past few weeks training the companies two new marketing apprentices. Showing them the ropes, keeping patients, and making them feel welcome within the workplace. He has used his experience, explaining everything as clear and straightforward as possible.

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